Ernie Marlan

Ernie Marlan

Ernie Marlan was born into a fishing family and was raised in the city of Alameda, which is a small island located in the Bay Area. He spent much of his childhood fishing the San Francisco Bay for perch, halibut, sturgeon, sharks and striped bass.

On most days after school, or on days he wasn’t in school, you could find him at one of the local marinas catching shiners and mudsuckers to be used for bait on the incoming tide for stripers once his dad got off work in the afternoons.

This is how his passion for striper fishing evolved. Even today, he will spend most of his free time on the local rivers and California Delta chasing stripers while throwing an array of lures.

Today, Ernie fishes for a variety of species depending on the time of year. You can find him fishing on the ocean, rivers, delta and lakes; hence the title Ernie Marlans Mixed Bag Fishing. He tends to fish for a large variety of fish but mostly sturgeon, tuna, salmon, largemouth and smallmouth bass and his favorite striped bass.

Ernie is actively involved in the fishing community. He has been and continues to be a featured speaker at various seminars that take place throughout the year. In the recent past he could be heard on the airways via ESPN Radio 970AM out of Stockton, California where he provided a daily fishing report called Ernie Marlans Fish Sniffer Fishing and Hunting Report. Ernie is also a very familiar face, contributor and staff member for The Fish Sniffer Magazine.

Additionally, Ernie is very well known by most bait and tackle shop owners especially since he’s made it a point to visit many of the tackle stores throughout Northern California and beyond on a regular basis for the last few years.

In the next coming months, Ernie is scheduled to release a video that teaches and educates anglers on how to use an array of lures while plugging for striped bass and what type of water you should look for while fishing for stripers on the California Delta. This video is scheduled to be released in late 2014.

Ernie will be fishing in several bass tournaments and derbies throughout the coming year. These include everything from bass club tournaments, circuits, specialty tournaments to striped bass and salmon derbies. He will also be fishing with several charter boats and guides throughout California and beyond.

In addition to his heavy involvement in the fishing industry, Ernie is also very involved in his community of Elk Grove and Sacramento participating, particularly, in his two children's sporting activities throughout the year.

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